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British Columbia (Head Office)

Phone: 604-945-1010
Fax: 604-945-3030 or 604-648-8854
Shipping Dept. Fax: 778-284-8400

Toll Free: 1-800-416-3033
Toll Free Fax: 1-800-665-6050

Orders: orders@barclaysales.com
General Inquires: info@barclaysales.com

1441 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6L3

Office - 7am to 4.30pm Monday - Friday
Warehouse - 7am to 4pm Monday - Friday


Phone: 403-226-5801
Fax: 403-226-5802

Office: 3450 - 48 Ave SE, Calgary AB T2B 3L6


Phone: 780-443-0044
Fax: 780-444-5840

M27, 9820-63rd Ave, Edmonton AB T6E 0G9

Barclay Sales BC

Please send orders to: orders@barclaysales.com
General Inquires: info@barclaysales.com

Sales Representatives Direct Line
Jeff Blair Ext-427 jblair@barclaysales.com 778-284-8427
Andrew Dyck Ext-433 andrewdyck@barclaysales.com 778-284-8433
Rob Lang Ext-431 rlang@barclaysales.com 778-284-8431
Sydney Irvine Ext-426 sirvine@barclaysales.com 778-284-8426
Sonja Kirstein Ext-430 skirstein@barclaysales.com 778-284-8430
Customer Relations
Bryan Forsythe Ext-424 bforsythe@barclaysales.com 778-284-8424
Carla Peixoto Ext-221 cpeixoto@barclaysales.com 778-284-8422
Eric Reid Ext-425 ereid@barclaysales.com 778-284-8425
David Blair Ext-423 dblair@barclaysales.com 778-284-8423
Diane Blair dianeblair@barclaysales.com 604-787-7134
Helen Hu Ext-440 hhu@barclaysales.com 778-284-8440


Distribution Distribution Fax 778-284-8400
Greg Sword Ext-434 gsword@barclaysales.com 778-284-8434
Shae Domitruk
Ext-435 shipping@barclaysales.com 778-284-8435
Mike Blair Ext-435 mikeblair@barclaysales.com 778-284-8435
Gary Sword Ext-434 garysword@barclaysales.com 778-284-8435
Rob Townsend Ext-435 shipping@barclaysales.com 778-284-8435


Barclay Sales Calgary

Sales Representative
Michale Macdonald Ext-446 mmacdonald@barclaysales.com 778-284-8446


Barclay Sales Edmonton

Sales Representatives
Darren Jacobs Ext-442 djacobs@barclaysales.com 778-284-8442
Joseph Parenteau Ext-444 jparenteau@barclaysales.com 778-284-8444